Anti SMS Spam & Private Box for Android

Hint: This app show as Anti SMS Spam on your phone. You should setup dial number to open the Private Box and hide “Private Box” button so that your mate does not aware of your secret box.

This app may be conflicted with Go SMS and other SMS-based apps. Anti SMS Spam helps you prevent unwanted message from any sender. Turn it on and stay safe.

Free Features

  • Blacklist keywords
  • Block number in blocked list
  • Block sender as name, i.e message received from your bank HSBC
  • Block unknown senders
  • Private Box with Password protected
  • Restore to Inbox
  • Import number from call log, sms threads and phone book
  • Compose/reply private sms

PRO Features

  • Whitelist
  • Dial a number to access private box (default is 888)
  • Disable Private Box icon

☆ 24/7 tech support, ; to receive support you must remove(uninstall) Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS

☆ Lost password: uninstall and reinstall the app. We will provide a better method to recover password soon.

Community feedback
☆ by RaGe (June 11, 2011): if you’re using Go SMS Pro, this app might not work until you restart your phone

** Compatibility **
Most Samsung devices have a comprehensive log in the contact list, the Droid 2 Global also. The log records sms/mms/call information, but not the message itself, and CANNOT be filtered by this application!

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Market: Free, Pro


9 responses

  1. I have by the Anti Spam Pro, it is very good app.

    But if a sms is coming in, no rington goes one. Can i set the rington in the app on and off ? Can you update this ?

    1. Absolutely. I hope to add a notification option soon.

  2. Will this block text messages so that I do not get charged on my cell phone bill?

    1. If you are paying for received messages, you are still paying for blocked messages since messages are already reached your phone.

  3. PRO version can not restore logs ! ,, why ?

    1. It should be. I will check if it is a bug

  4. If a number is blocked do the messages received appear in the black list log or is there no record of the message anywhere?

    1. It optionally apprears in logs (depending on your settings). If it is appeared in log, you can restore to official callogs/ text

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