Call Filter for Android

Call Filter helps to block unwanted calls and texts and keep your privacy.

What to block?

  • Block calls and texts specific numbers in Blacklist
  • Trust calls and texts specific numbers in Whitelist
  • Block texts with keywords (ex. sex) or wildcards (regular expression)
  • Block by prefix, postfix numbers, wildcard (country code, region code)
  • Block UNKNOWN numbers, PRIVATE numbers (no caller id)
  • Option to block all incoming calls / block all except whitelist
  • Option to log blocked calls/texts

Three way to block

  • End call (send to voicemail)
  • Make the ringer silent (caller will hear the normal ring and then voice mail, Android 2.2 and older)
  • Pick up then hang up (Android 2.2 and older)
  • Auto-text reply for blocked calls


  • Widget to quickly configure blocking scenario
    • Block Blacklist except whitelist
    • Block all except whitelist
    • Block all
    • Turn off
    • Auto-text reply
  • Define auto-text reply templates
  • Password protection
  • Opt-in/opt-out notification/logs (PRO)
  • Backup/restore blacklist configuration


  • Read/write Contacts: use to import numbers, restore call logs
  • Send SMS: Send SMS from apps
  • Read/write SMS: read or restore SMS
  • Storage: Back up/restore on SD Card
  • Phone call: initialize call back
  • Change audio settings: turn on/off ringer
  • Internet & Location: Admob ads (Not use in PRO version)

Incoming features

  • Block MMS
  • Scheduling blacklist scenario



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Buy PRO version with no Ads and more features
Feedback/suggestion/bug report: Email to

For Go SMS users, pls uninstall and reinstall Call Filter if you recently update Go SMS (don’t forget to backup/restore blacklist first)


4 responses

  1. It’s really boring creating a black/white list contact by contact.
    It should be improved with a “insert group contacts” function!

    1. I believe that people don’t block a whom group. Instead, I will add a button that help people to add the latest call log/text into blacklist.

  2. I have a few feature requests for the app
    1. App should pause music when a fake call is placed or incoming , when you are playing music of the phone it gets paused when you have an incoming call
    2. Caller picture should be a tad larger (to obvious it’s a fake )
    3. A variety of incoming caller screens should be added to match phones ui eg htc sense ‘s slide down
    I know this would change the permissions but I think these are some of the most obvious giveaways The fake message/ sms side of the app works really good .

    Love the app and I hope you can add my requests
    just bought ure app today !! ( pro ver)

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I hope to support them in next releases

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